May 20, 2009

Bias Rears Its Familiar Head

It's just so tragic when a self-identified objective reporter finds information that makes the Dems look bad, isn't it? NY Times reporter Stephanie Strom was looking into the Obama-ACORN connection and expressed sadness about where it was leading, writing in an email to a source:
“Am also onto the Obama connection, sadly. Would love the donor lists. As for helping the Repubs, they’re already onto this like white on rice. SIGH!”
Bad Repubs, bad!

It may actually be helpful to have these sorts of comments come out because it provides some sunshine. It's helpful when reporters identify their own bias upfront. We're going the old-fashioned way of broadsheets. My understanding is that in early newspaper history there wasn't much pretence of objectivity. Sort of like now.

Is the "sunshine" (i.e. clarity) that came out of the Notre Dame scandal, specifically the rapturous cheering of the ND students which asserted that ND is a thoroughly secular school now, good or bad? It's good in that it will give impetus and strengthen more orthodox Catholic schools like Stuebenville and Ave Maria; it's bad in that it will make Notre Dame that much less salvageable.

But back to Ms. Strom's sturm and drang: her bosses at the Times killed the story lest it hurt Obama's election chances...


David Murdoch said...

I heard a few weeks ago that Obama killed the funding for research on adult stem cell research at the same time that he lifted the ban on fetal stem cell research... but who in the media reported this? We all heard about his lifting of the one, but who reported how he cancelled the other?

As for Notre Dame, God works all things, both good and evil, for His own good purpose for those who love Him.

God Bless,

TS said...

I for one sure hadn't heard that he stopped funding on adult stem cell research...