May 10, 2009

A Few Glorious Hours

Spring was never waiting for us, girl
It ran one step ahead
As we followed in the dance...
    --MacArthur's Park

The dew still clung to the grass as I headed out to bring back Sunday coffee & breakfast, a formality before setting up camp in the still-chill of this spring morning.

I consumed the Sunday paper with its tasty melange of articles, enjoying the pleasure of progress that paper affords with its separate sections. I had that old desire to cut out the good stuff for collection purposes ("Between the parted pages and were pressed...")

One of them felt especially winsome and wise to this non-fisherman:
The lifelong challenge for fishermen, moreover, is not so much to drink the most beer or escape the domestic ball and chain, but to increase knowledge and technique, to become more consistent with the passage of seasons and to earn the satisfaction that comes from mastering a skill.

Not that beer, great escapes and an occasional trophy are especially toxic byproducts.

Fishing, even when not catching, offers pleasures.

Nothing is amiss, for example, with the sight of ospreys and eagles, the feel on the skin of a warm sun on a chilly spring day, the sense of peace that a lazy summer sunset can bring, the pleasure of uninterrupted conversation, the bonds that grow during contented times among buddies, particularly when those buddies call their fishing partners “Mom” and “Dad.”
Part of what I love about a good Sunday paper is its hint of infinity, that is something that can’t be completely consumed. There is always more of it to read, even if just examining the minutiae of the baseball box scores.

Soon my wife left for church (I’d gone to a rare Saturday vigil Mass). I relaxed into the stirrups of my lawn chair and smoked a cigar and drank a Sprite. The privacy was of the quality that I didn’t have to go inside to pee and the sun was of the quality to create a pleasing drama of this perfect space. Even kitsch could move me; the fake humingbird figure caught my eye and I retrieved the cellphone camera to take a picture against the vast backdrop of lilac bushes and their resilient green. Oh so fullsome the leaves already!   All that sweet, green icing flowing down...


Ellyn said...

And the cake? Is the cake still out in the rain? ;)

TS said...

I'm so glad you asked! See next post. :-)