May 18, 2009

For My Bro-in-Law Who's Always Callin' "Hoax"

Snope Dog E.

If you're tired of the scams then Snope is the name
'Cuz I don't play those lame old email games
I get five a day and they tell me that it's real
but it turns out they're not and it makes me wanna squeal.

CHOR: 'Cuz you know I'm the Snope dog
and I'm always callin' "Hoax!"
'cuz my homies don't stay real
and I gotta correct the folks.

Let me set it to you strait y'all
Cuz you make me want to holla
you won't type
Gets me hot unner the colla'


'Lizbeth is the queen of the chain email
she hits the Forward button like she's gettin' out of jail
Won't go to for love or money
so I holla's HOAX, oh it's just too funny.


"Don't dial 876!", "You gotta see this"
"Forward to your friends" and don't nobody miss
But the Snope Dawg's on the watch and I'm gonna holla Hoax
if you don't check your facts and get yer butt out to Snopes.

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