May 18, 2009

In Praise of Rain

There's something ineffably homey about a rainy day.

It makes me crave homemade soup and a comfy chair on the protected front porch that offers a front row seat for nature's drama.

I especially love the very beginnings of rain, its imminent threat. The world becomes hushed and calm. No one's outside but the birds. There are no lawn mowers or leaf blowers or any of the detritus of modern audial life.

It's not unlike a very minor illness which gives you leave to spend your time in sedentary pursuits like reading and introspection. It gives introverts an even playing field since even extroverts must be more introspective when the rains come.

I like that the dream-state rain begets, the sort of healing, disassociative state. I like the dark purply clouds, the rustling wind with the smell of water in the air and the first tiny droplets of rain. I like the way it makes you feel hungry for poetry and solitude. When it pours, there is nothing nicer than reading in the bookroom while the rain pelts the roof.


Enbrethiliel said...


I adore rainy day reading! =D

In the duration of a single storm, I started and finished Ursula LeGuin's Wizard of Earthsea--and I will always love it for being the right book at the right time. LeGuin has since irritated me orthodoxy-wise, but, oh, can she weave legend out of mist!

mrsdarwin said...

One of the glories of June in Ohio is the way the air turns green when a thunderstorm is brewing. I see it occasionally in Texas, but never to match the mood lighting of an Ohio storm.

TS said...

Probably lots of rainy days in the Philippines Enbrethiliel?

Yes Mrs. D. - "Mood lighting" - I forgot to mention the greenish light! Btw, you didn't dance on the tables like Mr. D suggested you might after I left the meet-up, did you? :-)

Enbrethiliel said...


Yes, many rainy days during the monsoon (barring errating weather), but rainy days are not created equal. Some have magic in them, but the rest don't.

What I'd really like to try someday is read a book while it's snowing outside! =D