May 13, 2009


Amy Welborn shoots & scores in illuminating the double standard in which if you are pro-life you are dismissed as being "political" while if you favor Democratic policy positions you are in tune with Catholic social teaching. She says what we already knew but articulates it so well.

Why Danielle Bean wears a brown scapular.

Disco Hayes, the blog of a MLB pitching prospect:
I am called Disco because I throw in the 70s.

I gave myself the nickname, which is a true sign you have "arrived". I've done some extensive research and the demographics are really showing people are liking the nickname. 42 to 58-year-old males associate with the era and think it adds a cool-factor to an unassuming white guy with not a whole lot of "wow-factor". The most alarming news and perhaps the best sign the nickname is working is with 21 to 34-year-old females. Prior to my nickname, only 0.3% of this demographic had heard of me...

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