May 04, 2009

Of Dogs and Music

The Central Ohio Folk Festival is a humble affair so I was taken aback by the talent of one group in particular: Halfway Home. From bluegrass to cajun to country, they had the ground pretty well covered and I liked pretty much everything they did. It's almost astonishing to see a local band set up in a small tent with a smallish group of listeners who paid nothing and to hear them suddenly begin producing beautiful live music.

At the risk of offending Miss Enbrethilel, Obi was like dog porn to the canine lovers at the festival. Heads were a turnin', and one older gentlemen blindsided me by reaching to pet Obi which caused him (Obi that is) to snap at the man. I'm hoping no blood was drawn. I blame it on the shepherd in him, not the lab (Obi that is, not the man).

Many a "what a beautiful dog" comment was heard but I wonder about the future of German Shepherds, or as I call them, German Shedders. In an increasingly time-crunched world, the desire to vacuum up dog hair every hour must be decreasingly appealing. (Hence the popularity of "labradoodles"?)

And - this is just anecdotal - but it seems like everyone is allergic to everything these days, meaning that allergies to hairy dogs are probably increasing.

I'm sure you'd be interested to know that Obi and me took a hike in the nearby Sherwood Forest before heading to the entertainment booths:


Enbrethiliel said...


Oh, I'm not offended. In fact, this post may qualify as "dog porn." (What an unfortunate name, though!)

In other canine news, I've actually seen a dog that could give Obi a run for his doggie treats. Some time ago, I was deep in the urban (and slightly soulless) heart of Manila when I saw, padding towards me, a fluffy mutt that just looked so happy to be alive . . . and suddenly, the place had soul.

I told my mother that I would try to entice it into our car, and of course she panicked and floored the gas pedal. Sheesh! I only wish I'd had a camera.

TS said...

I know what you mean about dogs giving a place soul. A friendly happy dog is a sight for sore eyes.

wl said...


As you'd say, hilaire.

Good looking dog, Obi. I saw an Animal Planet show on the breed the other night, focusing on police dogs. Remarkable animals, but I already knew that since I used to own one.

TS said...

Dang I should've taped that show. Will have to look for a re-run. Didn't know you once had a shepherd!