May 10, 2009

Sun-fueled Wanderings

A Sudden Right-brain Coup

Songs with tunes that sound so fine
when lyric matters not, but rhyme.
And poems with words of dressy bliss,
who cares if they and meaning kiss?

* * *

Missing Sarton Time

"Die to self" the saying goes
'tis easier in practice,
For if in reverie it grows --
at the time it tastes like catcus.


William Luse said...

Pretty good, TS.

Thomas D said...

Hello, TS! I have bestowed upon thee the coveted Lemonade Stand Award! hope this isn't the 80th time you've received it ...

TS said...

Danke schon Bill and Dylan.

On the Lemonade Stand Award, I have a long list of people to thank. [Removes paper from breast pocket.] (to be continued perhaps)