May 26, 2009

Very Thorough List

A local parish is having a rummage sale and included in the bulletin is a list of items NOT to donate. It's an interesting list, including such things as:
Automobile Mats
Bowling Balls
Fabrics less than one yard
Personal Photographs
Screens for doors and windows
Stationery that is personalized
Dentures!?! Ooo, ick. Who would donate dentures? Or personal photographs?


NC Sue said...

Just the THOUGHT of someone else's dentures is rather scary!!!

William Luse said...

What's the problem with guns?

bill bannon said...

We are in the world of image making even in the church. While a gun may save an entire family if there is a home invasion, we as a Church are now imagewise are the softer side of Sears...duvets, flowered curtains, matching candles...
al things peace connoting, and in the public square: life sentences so that ax murderers may repent while watching soap operas all day. All is peace and softness.
I however am with you and if you have an 8 shot Mossberg 12 gauge that you are trying to unload, we'll walk...we'll talk...I'll hand you the chalk.

bill bannon said...

PS anti-feminization of the church satire aside, gun sales involve legal paperwork in some states which makes some sales intricate.

TS said...

What's the problem with guns?Or bowling balls...:-)

It all seems a level of specificity unwarranted. My wife thought the whole thing a joke: "Can't they just throw the stuff they don't want away?"

William Luse said...

At least they didn't forbid Guiness, Newcastle,

Ellyn said...

I see the makings of some very interesting craft projects! Or some Rube Goldberg contraptions.

TS said...

At least they didn't forbid GuinnessOh this is an Irish parish. They'd never do that. It's also very traditional and it's sort of interesting to observe this level of rule-making. It seems sort of OCD-ish, sort of the way you'd see those of a traditionalist bent approach things - very thoroughly with a lot of rules.

Rube Goldberg contraptionEllyn, the next sound you hear will be me googling "rube goldberg"! Either an obscure reference worthy of Dennis Miller, or my pop cultural ignorance.