May 01, 2009

Well, This is New...

The latest advice:
"Take measures to avoid contact with the flu germ and protect others by coughing into the crook of your elbow."
When I was a kid we were told to cough in our hand. The above advice apparently assumes you have sufficient lead time and flexibility. But why not:
"Take measures to avoid contact with the flu germ and protect others by coughing in a hermetically-sealed container."
I understand that the Swine flu is being sued by the ACLU under hate crime legislation since the virus is causing mostly just Mexican deaths. The ACLU is also suing George Bush #43 since they blame him for everything.

It seems the generally favorable media coverage of Obama is continuing apace. I think the only time the press has been tough on Obama was when the stock market was in free fall, because that was actually effecting their retirement accounts.

Now that the market has stabiliized, all is sunny skies for the enchanted reporters of Obamaland. They don't mind their marginal tax rates going up a few percentage points but they do mind the decimation of their 401ks.


Found on Amy's blog, she quoting someone else and then commenting:
"It corrodes the character of a country," the president said [about torture], adding that the path the country must take to uphold its high ideals might sometimes be harder than the path of least resistance. "Part of what makes us, I think, still a beacon to the world is that we are willing to hold true to our ideals, even when it's hard, not just when it's easy."
Pro-lifers have been trying to explain that reality to the people of this country, to the world, for more than three decades.

New book says Pope JPII kept sense of fun even late in life...

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