June 30, 2009

Fiction for a Tuesday

I was happy as a pig knee-deep in slop that cold day in April, surrounded as I was by the books of Jude Wanniski.

I held W's modestly-titled The Way the World Works in my hands and trembled with joy for I was a born systematizer and he offered simplicity via complexity (or was it a fix for complexity via simplicity?). I wouldn't feel the same until years later when I discovered Aquinas's Summa at, ironically, a bookstore in St. Augustine, FL.

I wondered if this thirst for order was perhaps excessive. Maybe I was just another closet conspiracist like those who find solace in the Tri-Lateral Commission. Undeniably I was perpetually at war within because my systematizer self constantly fought with personalist side. I was too soft to deal with the hardness of systems while too hard to deal with the softness of contradiction.

I reasoned that the characteristic of a good systematizer was detachment, which the philosopher George Santayana had. Distance, detachment was said to allow one to see clearly but how could one be detached from one's fellow creatures as was said of Santayana? Yet those with a personal stake ended up starting from the desired end and working back, a thing abhorrent to the scientist.

It would be unsystematic for me to leave this novella unfinished, unless I experience the Beatific Vision telling me that it is but straw. It must be wrapped up with a tidy ending, preferably something with the hue of humor. And so I shall try...I am tempted here to the reader as "gentle" but for the fact that I've read too many novels that say, "gentle reader" and it seems patronizing and non-scientific for not all readers are gentle. But let me get back to my story forthwith and not try the gentle reader's patience any longer.

There were clues to this "theory of everything" I was seeking and perhaps a significant one was as close as my refrigerator. I happened across a fellow systematizer from long ago who gave me keen advice. His name, familiar to all, was Benjamin Franklin and to him was attributed the line, "Beer is proof that God wants us to be happy." The theory of everything in a nutshell is that God loves us.

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