June 19, 2009

He's Not Perfect


(Update: There are already 13,400 Google hits on 'flygate', proving the -gate suffix has jumped the shark.)


smockmomma said...

am i allowed to type OMG on your site, sir? if so ... OMG! has the press completely lost its tiny mind? when this type of ridiculous, mind-numbing crapola is news, it's time to stick a fork in it and declare "IT'S DONE!"

i absolutely weep for journalists of integrity, where EVER they may be hiding.

TS said...

I hear you smock, ain't it something? To think within my own generation I could see the press melt before my eyes into nothingness. I never would've believed it. From Edward R. Murrow to the current crop of ...

Bob the Ape said...

All hail our fearless O
Who with a single blow
  Struck down the pest.
Hail him on bended knee,
Master of swattery,
Who by his mighty victory
  Has mankind blessed.