June 18, 2009

The Hungry League

Occasionally (only occasionally), baseball is played when it's meant to be played - during the day - and sometimes I'll wander over to the ol' ball orchard on those days and take in a few innings of our minor league club the Columbus Clippers.

Watching from the outfield, I inevitably bond with the nearest outfielder given our similar vantage points. And inevitably this heretofore unknown player on the opposing squad ends up having an interesting story, in this case one filled with pathos and yet a sort of success despite the seeming failure.


Jim Curley said...

We used to have a minor team in Columbia-and they had some matinee games. I would ask my boss for a 3 hour lunch, making it up in the morning and evening. I'd rush home, pick up the boys. We'd arrive during the first inning and leave during the 5th, 6th or 7th, depending on the game. Seats on the first base line were 2.50, add four hot dogs, and we were in and out for under $20. Such fun.

TS said...

Sounds like fun. What I usually do is just hang out for 45 minutes or so peering in from the outfield walls (where there's no charge). (But no hotdogs either.)