June 04, 2009

Inside the White House

On the news consumption front, Brian Williams looked stiff and awkward - nervous as a suitor? - during NBC's pornful look at the White House under the messiah. To call it a puff piece would be to insult puffs everywhere. It was especially painful to see the fixation on the new White House dog, with Williams playing the part of the jilted beau (no pun intended) of Cap'n von Trapp. Ah well, kids and dogs have their own minds.

But who can blame Obama? He's reacted with gracious modesty to the sycophant and lovelorn media. BHO is far more likable than Bill Clinton if only for the reason Mike Barnicle mentioned - that much of the Clinton hatred was driven by how utterly contrived he was, the whole school uniform ruse and how he had to have a poll to decide even where to go on vacation. It was that uber calculation that was a huge turn-off. Obama may be as calculated but at least the seams don't show. The story may go thusly: with Clinton a competent job was done despite his personal faults, while Obama will ruin the country but with such likability that you hardly notice. A spoonful of sugar makes the decline go down easier.

It sounds like the Cairo speech was a good one. Speeches overseas and meetings with foes sounds like a good idea to me. I'd rather he use his likability towards trying to influencing the Muslim world than in his trying to win Catholic friends and influence Catholic voters as he did at Notre Dame. It's still odd to see such a sublime temperament and personal self-discipline as his write executive orders that fund the murdering of the unborn. Cognitive dissonance, or at least some sort of dissonance.

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