June 23, 2009

Live from the Equinox...

....it's expressionistic Tuesday!

A case of nostalgia takes over when even pictures of rest stops are taken:

...on the way to beach a couple weeks ago, whereupon even the journey there takes on a glow.


Days long and soft as pigeon feathers glisten, listen, offer themselves up so generously like long vaginic legs. Thursday Eve gin'd and tonic'd me with plentiful muscular relaxers and pre-taxers, Guinness and rinse, rinse and repeat. Friday breakfast, then blur'd, frittered time till the short walk with Obi and hurry-scurry home for the 4pm departure to celebrate my sister's latest degree. Fatigue falls on Saturday and I slide into the hammock, vowing not to move come flood or high weather, and yet I do leave it to mulch the side and back beds and then later a dusk-run that filled with expiated stress. Sunday at alma mater church where the heart-softening process of Mass took place, even while it was punctuated with so many cringe-inducing Marty Haagen Dazs songs of such syrupy sweetness that one could feel the cavities cratering. Then a 2-day symposium that of necessity cut to a single day: the history of Miami, and what a joy it was, the sort of cocooning that I imagine philatelists feel. History, from this distance free of angst or woe, of political or religious controversies which soon begat thoughts of a return ala Douglas MacArthur... At 5pm the umbilical cord to mater was cut and on to the Father's Day celebration, one filled with joy and fun and which my sis provided us with great fodder given her seeming tall story of being in Vegas and being invited by the bandmates of Chris of Coldplay to join them for a drink while they waited for the start of a bachelor party. Did I mention, I told her, that I'd ran into his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, last week? Then saw the movie Pelham. Monday morning I woke early and couldn't resist heading to St. Thomas More's day (and my birthday) at Sacred Heart, although St. Thoms More was, sadly, not even mentioned. Then a little mom & pop breakfast place with Mom & Pop, a place that immediately won my affection by the religious iconography ("Last Supper" pics, Jesus, crucifix, etc...). Then a 15 mile bike ride to the historic old homes on Dayton, then back home...'Twas a full day in a full weekend.

...on the Friday hike, Obi jumped in a lake.


Enbrethiliel said...



I am ashamed to say that before I looked more closely (and read the caption beneath), I thought that was a picture of a hippo in the water.

Enbrethiliel said...


By the way, Belated Happy Birthday! =D What a great birthday patron you have.

TS said...

Oh yeah I've long thought he look like a hippo in the water. (In other photos much more so.) Cool avatar btw.

On St. Thomas More, it's funny but the thing that touched me most about his life was not his standing for principle. The most memorable anecdote for me came from the movie Man For All Seasons, so I don't even know if it really happened. But it was the depiction in that film of his love for those intellectually beneath him.