June 17, 2009

Relapsing Synapses

Looking out the window of a tall corporate-type building upon a roof undulating with held-rain shimmerimg under the influence of sun and wind and reminding me, in that puddle, of last week's ocean...

Then the drive home from work today - alive, alive, oh! - with the good timey Ernest Tubbs-y music playing just as it did through the Carolinas on Saturday when time had been suspended and I could've driven forever, gobbling up highway and old songs like a glutton.

"Every nation has evolved its own kind of relaxation. Germany's relaxation is packed with trips, drinking, and regrets. America's doesn't exist. In the States, they even invented rocking chairs, so you can keep moving while you're sitting still. France's relaxation is languid. Britain's is deceptive. There are always minds at work in the English and Scottish countryside, even if there is no Wodehouse or Waugh to describe them...

A beach in Italy is not just a prelude to the sea...it is a catwalk, a gallery, a gym, a track, a restaurant, a market, a workshop, a sauna, a reading room, a place of meditation...It's a crowded space where some people go to be on their own. It's a theater of familial self-sufficiency." - Beppe Severgnini "La Bella Figura"

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