June 03, 2009

WAU Meditation

Found here:
Discouraged about my lack of focus, I asked Gloria for advice. She suggested I begin my hour on my knees, praising Jesus. “Praise him both for the good things in your life and for the trials. Then sit and wait in silence for him to speak. Try leaving the rosary for your home prayers.”...

And so, the following Tuesday, I knelt before the monstrance and began praising God. I praised him for my husband and four children and all our material blessings— autos, a beautiful house, clothes in our closets, and food in our pantry.

Then I praised him for my husband’s unemployment and the cloud of uncertainty that hung over the family. I praised him for bringing us from our safe Canadian province of Nova Scotia to the strange new land of Texas. I praised him for the insanely huge and terrifying Texas bugs and for the fire ants that were all over our lawn. I praised him for the leaking water heater in our attic, for the resulting water damage throughout the three levels of the house, and for the cost of drying out the floors and walls before black mold set in.

I praised God for the frightening tornado warnings that beeped regularly on our television screen and caused anxiety in the children. I praised him for the cost of medical care in the U.S. and for my children’s health issues. I praised him for my dad’s recent death from cancer, after having survived a five-bypass heart operation.

And then I cried.

And when I was finished, too drained to have another thought in my head, Jesus whispered to my heart and filled it with his peace. I placed all my worries and fears at the foot of his cross and left that chapel feeling lighter than I had felt in a long time.

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