July 10, 2009

Buddy, We Hardly Know Ye (yet)

Our new dog is nothing if not surprising. One minute he's calm as a floor rug and the next as hyper as a puppy. He moves to his own rhythm; quiet as a deer, he's got a quick first step - all of a sudden he's there, sitting and staring up at you compassionately through those warm, amber eyes.

He's indifferent to dogs and birds and cats but draws the line at squirrels, finding in them a provocation that cannot stand. He's also a car buff who tries to enter every car and truck be it moving or parked. A walk through a parking lot is a tiring exercise in constantly trying to keep his paws off the window panes.

He's especially fastidious when it comes to bowel movements. For him, it's gauche to poop in his own house or yard. Why soil your own stomping grounds? he asks, not without reason. He saves that for walks and neighbor's houses. Yesterday my wife took him to visit neighbor Ann and in one of her rooms he left a particularly unpleasant present. Ann took it well, being quite a dog person herself.

His get-away into the lanes of a nearby four-lane road was not as strange as it seemed. The wikipedia entry on Huskys warn owners to "exercise caution when letting their Siberian Husky off the leash as the dog is likely to be miles away before looking around and realizing their owner is nowhere in sight." Indeed.

Now that the shaved-off coat is growing back, he's beginning to look aesthetically beautiful, sporting a thin layer of soft fur that gleams a stunning constellation of browns and blacks and whites. His ears are an intricate interplay of light brown, tan and black.

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William Luse said...

We'll be wantin' pictures as soon as that coat's grown back.