July 10, 2009

Found Mercy

"For Jesus is our Hope: Through His merciful Heart as through an open gate we pass through to heaven."
After the worldliness of the last post I ought look upward a moment. I feel gratitude for serendipitously finding in the "free stuff" rack in the nave of church a booklet called The Divine Mercy: Message and Devotion (with selected prayers from the Diary of St. Maria Faustina), published by Marian Press copyright 2000. In the back are a few of the most beautiful prayers in the English language, or at least that speak to me forcefully. They are like extravagantly fragrant roses of hope reminding us of unfathomable mercy available. They are prayers bereft of the false notes. I guess it was meant for me, because when I looked online in order to provide the same, the 2008 version came with different prayers not as good (at least to me).

The first reading at Mass yesterday ends with:
"Come closer to me," [Joseph] told his brothers. When they had done so, he said: "I am your brother Joseph, whom you once sold into Egypt. But now do not be distressed, and do not reproach yourselves for having sold me here. It was really for the sake of saving lives that God sent me here ahead of you." (Gen 45)
What a beautiful expression of mercy. Imagine Jesus saying the same to his persecutors, to those who instead of selling Him into slavery nailed him to the cross. It was really for the sake of saving lives.

Another free pamphlet found was a small rosary meditation booklet put out by the Franciscan Friars of Mount Vernon, NY. I always check out the Fifth Joyful mystery first, just to see how they handle this puzzlement. The Franciscans have a powerfully apt meditation:
Mary's Message: In your life also there will be strange divine doings to puzzle you. You may wonder in dismay what God wants to accomplish. You may wish to probe in prayer to discover His hidden reasons. God does not ask you to understand His doings fully, but rather to align your will with His in complete, filial trust.

Prayer: Dear Blessed Mother, the thousand 'whys' on my lips are not always the best response to God May His Holy Spirit teach me, as He taught you, to accept His ways without always asking God to prove again His care of me. May I always reverence His presence within me as another living temple of His glory. Amen.


Roz said...

I like this. Pulling St. Faustina together with the amazing mercy of Joseph does me a world of good.

TS said...

:-) You might want to check out (though you probably have already) the posts at Sancta Sanctis on St. Faustina too.