July 09, 2009

Found Verse

Produced by linking together the "Recent Comments" on the side column of various blogs (as of 7/9/09 10:14am):

Darwin Comments

On the one hand, I've been appalled by many people
As a protestant who used to move in the Pentecosta
Brandon, we were actually working up side character
that is awesome; and it would actually make a plot
I have heard the same about Archbishop Aymond rega.
Flos Carmelian
Dear TSO,
Good to se
An insight
Dear Ben,
This poem
I agree wi
Steven, I
PS. I was
I just fin
Dear Erik.


Summa Yummas
you two be
A movie we
Yum, yum,
don't kid
A roomful
hurrah! hu
well, it's
O Huzzah!


Summa Minutiae

Now that's a fine gig. I had the same deal growin...
I wish I'd read that one attentively. I was young...
I want to have already read Kirk's "The Conservati...
He already got me - "The Hunter Gracchus" and Sant...
While I'm here, a few reads for you:http://smbus


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joe on My Heart Goes Out But My Body Will Remain in NC till it's Over


Enbrethiliel said...


The one from the Summa Mamas is pure gold! Like a haiku that burst into more syllables than it should have been able to bear.

MamaT said...


It's so US!