July 07, 2009

The Lazy Man's Way to Rebutting Carroll

So let's say, hypothetically, your Mom is enthralled by James Carroll, the dishonest historian and axe-grinding former priest who has a book out titled "Practicing Catholic". And let's say that you still want to offer a token rebuttal, despite the fact that most people typically believe what the want to believe and seek that out.

Well kids instead of reading the book of someone who has already proven himself unreliable, just go on over to Catholic blogsearch and see if anyone else has already done the heaving liftin'. And lo & behold you might well find a few posts here and there, maybe not as many as expected but then there's a reason it's called "heavy" lifting. (And of course it might be that the subject material has been hashed over for at least forty if not a couple thousand years.)

I say don't let their hard work go to waste!

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