July 13, 2009

On Past Abuses of Freedom

To look at past sins and attempt to discover “what went wrong” in the sense of strategizing the whole thing (i.e. if I'd done X I could've saved myself and not really needed Christ's saving action) betray a self-reliance unbecoming. The secret is to look at past sins without surprise, for surprise betrays pride: “There but for the grace of God go I,” is a sentiment rather unfamiliar to those with pride.

Perhaps I will someday look back and bless these days for they taught me the thrilling lesson that I am dependent on God and that without God I can do nothing. Had I not sinned, to this day I would think God as the auxillary of, rather than capillary of, my life.

Update: striking Sancta Sanctis post that says this in a much deeper way such that I think I understand about a third of what she wrote... :-)


Enbrethiliel said...


It's not necessarily deeper. (Don't let the big Greek words impress you! =P) In fact, if you understood only about a third of it, that's an argument for rewriting the other two-thirds.

Did you listen to Rowe's talk? What did you think of it?

TS said...

Haven't listened to the talk yet...will try to do so soon.