July 01, 2009

Saint o' the Day

Blessed Junipero Sierra - 7/1

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Once an Indian was baptized, he was not only obligated to the Laws of the Church, but he became a full Spanish citizen with all the rights and obligations. If a Christian, Indian or Spaniard, were to reject his faith, it was viewed as rejecting God, thus resulting in loss of eternal salvation. The friars were taught in their theological training that since they, the friars, were the spiritual fathers to the neophyte, they could spiritually be held accountable.

What would therefore follow would be the loss of their own salvation if their converts committed moral faults that were intrinsically wrong, if one of their spiritual children were lost by reverting back to their pagan ways. In Spanish Law, the same principal applied: parents could be held responsible for the unacceptable behavior of their children, especially if the parents or legal guardians were to tolerate their child's unacceptable behavior.

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