July 22, 2009


That's it! For awhile I've thought that with abortion if only the baby in danger had access to language then it would be different, ala these from Parody is Therapy:
Baby in Womb Hires Coyote to Get Him to the Border

ORLANDO, FL--A twenty-week old unborn child has contracted the services of a coyote in order to guide him to the "border", that is outside the womb, in order to qualify for the right not to be killed.

It began when baby "Doe", then 18 weeks, overheard his mother discussing a possible abortion. Knowing that geography is destiny and that even if only his head emerges from his mother's body there would be a miraculous increase in rights, the baby figured there was little to lose.
No Relief Expected for Baby "Rookie" Williams

PERORIA, IL--The execution of the unborn child of Sarah Williams, dubbed "Rookie", is scheduled to take place at 12:01PM Tuesday at an abortion clinic outside Peroria. No media is expected to be present, nor protestors. The governor has no power to intervene and clemency can only come from the mother of the child. Public relations expert Thomas Richards suggests that the baby lacks the skills needed in a media age. "The baby needs to be more visible. A strong personality helps, one that has won friends." When told that it's impossible for an unborn baby to go on Oprah or to have "won friends" Richards replied, "well it's really difficult if the client doesn't have a strong cadre of supporters, of those who could mentally put themselves in his place and feel the unjustness of the execution."
But now finally someone has actually published a fine graphic novel with the baby as the protagonist. Darwin Catholic interviews the author, Matthew Lickona. Many, many kudos to Lickona!

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