September 25, 2009


Eins, zwei, drei, vehr, who's going to buy the beer? Me, at Oktoberfest. Ron's coming and it's my turn to buy. It wouldn't be fall without a little Klaber, would it? And their new theme is inspired: "Let's Get Klabbered!". How many ways can one euphemistically refer to getting liquored up? My, let me count the ways.


Gregg the Obscure said...

Ein Prosit!

In your kindness, please have a bier for me. I'm starting the seventh week of a physician-ordered fast (of indefinite length) from the malted nectar. Red wine and the occasional hard drink instead.

"Ist das ein badonkadonk? Ja, das ist badonkadonk!"

TS said...

Ouch! Meinen sympathies...although at least all alcohol isn't prohibited. (Googled for badonkadonak; bad Gregg, bad!)