September 01, 2009

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Homesteader. Wannabe. Five months ago we dumped the very nice house with a very nice, big, privacy fenced yard in a very nice neighborhood with fairly stable property values, cashed in the sadly meager 401K, quit the husband’s job, and moved into the middle of nowhere. We live on four forested acres in the mountains in a manufactured home that was foreclosed on by HUD and left fallow with deer running through it and — well, you don’t want to know — for a long time before we found it. We are going commando — pay as we go, no debt, no mortgage. No jobs. . . . .we are so broke. But, I want chickens. And a cow. And to be able to keep food on the table and insulin in the pump for my kids. The little things. Pray for us? Will ya? - blogger at "Two Ways of Renouncing the Devil"

If the choice to kill my child in the womb is a matter between me and my doctor, why isn't the choice to undergo a tonsillectomy a matter between me and my doctor?" - Peony of "Pansy and Peony"

My mom was reading the crawl on Channel 5, which said that Kennedy's Mass will be held at the Mission Church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, "the cavernous basilica in Roxbury." My mom confused "cavernous" with "carnivorous"! "What does the Mission Church have to do with eating meat?" - Dylan of "dark speech upon the harp"

I have struggled with perfectionism for as long as I can remember, and I have learned that it is essential for me to keep my eyes on Christ's choice to accept the limits of a human frame. If I look only to the exalted Lord, crucified, risen, ascended into Heaven, it is easy for me to get stuck in perfectionist hell -- which is unpleasant as well as unproductive. - commenter Jamie on "Darwin Catholic"

If we have unrealistic expectations of others, our spouse, our kids, we probably have unrealistic expectations of prayer. If we are nitpicky fault-finders, we think that is how God will be with us. Who wants to go to prayer to be nitpicked? If we appreciate others and enjoy their presence, their good and bad, we will know that prayer is not always a perfect scenario, but is good and necessary. - paraphrase of talk given by priest, via Betty Duffy

The other point that hit me...– as it did in Dorothy Day’s letters, as it does in any unvarnished reading we are able to do of holy people – is how hard it is. I don’t know where this notion that once you give yourself to Christ, everything will be “fine” on every level comes from. I really don’t. Michael used to say, “The only thing Jesus promised his apostles was that they would suffer.” Actually, I think he was quoting Groeschel when he said that. And when you read the saints with a clear eye, that’s so true. And not just “suffer” in the sense that we tend to define it today – suffering from you know, self-doubt, lack of self-confidence and low self-worth – but really suffer from persecution, even from within the Church, suffer failure and disappointment, suffer from the consequences of their own mistakes and misreadings and wrong turns, suffer from doubt, and suffer because…I really could be doing something else more pleasant. I could just walk away. Why don’t I? - Amy Welborn


Betty Duffy said...

Disclaimer: The quote attributed to me is a paraphrase of a talk given at a retreat by a priest with the Legion of Christ several years ago. I don't remember his name.

In any case, I didn't come up with it myself.

TS said...

Thanks Betty, I will clarfy above.