September 22, 2009

Spanning the Globe to Bring You the Constant Variety of Posts

The "problem" with tutoring children is that one first has to become as simple and humble as they are. It's not easy to do at all. Jesus had the opposite issue: He was already as simple and humble as could be, but there were hardly any spiritual children He could reach. He must be facing the same situation when He comes to souls today. - Sancta Sanctis

I would add one other potential plus for earlier marriage that sociologists have yet to grapple with: treating marriage like the home version of Waiting for Godot also risks perpetuating a kind of human consumerism, a habit that cannot possibly be good for anyone. After all, once a sufficiently large number of relationships have all failed to lead to marriage for one reason or another, it becomes terribly tempting to view the whole enterprise as more like comparison shopping than spiritual discernment. For example, I once knew a man who had dated a great many women by his late twenties – so many that his friends privately rejoiced when one finally appeared who seemed perfect for him. They shared the same religion, political views, and other interests; she was smart, successful, and what today would be called a real babe, to boot. Yet the consumer’s diffident response upon meeting her rang far more of the Consumer Checkbook than of the swain. “I’m not sure,” he temporized. “Her complexion seems really sallow.” Needless to say, no walk down the aisle. This is what comes of people shopping, perhaps – the destructive habit of making comparative checklists about human beings. - Mary Eberstadt

“But I’m just going through the motions,” I had complained once about my prayer life to Fr. Aris, the wise Greek Orthodox priest who would later become my son’s godfather. “That’s all right,” he said to me. “The important thing is to keep on saying them. You can feel them later.” They would save me when I least expected it. - Caroline at Image Journal

Many commenters have pointed to the Land O'Lakes agreement and the false autonomy and idea of academic freedom that was championed by then-Notre Dame University President Fr. Hesburgh. Professor Rice agrees that this was a turning point and really a rejection of Cardinal Newman's thoughts in his classic "The Idea of a University." - Jeff of Curt Jester; review of "What Happened to Notre Dame?"

What follows will be so scattershot, it'll make a blunderbuss look like a laser. But I never promised you a precision garden! - eve tushnet

What you do is, you pull up to the truck, roll down your window, and yell, "I can see why your wife cut them off, but why'd she nail them to your truck?" Of course, this being Texas and all, you may need to be prepared to return fire. - Mrs. Darwin on what to do about Trucknutz

I am passionate about the opposite of whatever the loudest person in the room is arguing (hence I am frequently at odds with myself). - Betty Duffy

The average man’s objection to Christian civilization is not an objection to medieval culture, which incorporated every act of social life in a sacred order of sacramental symbols and liturgical observances – such a culture is too remote from our experience to stir our emotions one way or another: it is the dread of moral rigorism, of alcoholic prohibition or the censorship of books and films or of the fundamentalist banning of the teaching of biological evolution. But what the advocates of a Christian civilization wish is not the narrowing of the cultural horizons, but just the reverse: the recovery of that spiritual dimension of social life the lack of which has cramped and darkened the culture of the modern world - English historian Christopher Dawson during his brief stay in the United States, via "The Catholic Thing"


Ellyn said...

I'm sending my husband the link about the Truck... There is a fellow whose house we must pass to exit our neighborhood - and he shamelessly has a set of those 'things' (in a natural pale fleshy color) on his truck. Mrs. Darwin's response strikes a nice middle ground between my better half's comments about vulgarity and my offer to visit his driveway - ninja style - and cut them off.

I mean, really, wasn't there a time when that sort of thing was vulnerable to civic - if not civil - censure? Oh - and this dude in my neighborhood is surely old enough to remember that time, which makes his behavior all the more disgusting.

TS said...

Yeah I really don't see the appeal of those things.