September 14, 2009

Thoughts on the Sunday Homily

The homilist yesterday mentioned how God gave us his Son, who gave of himself completely. "He bled every last drop..." and I had an image of Jesus on the cross with every single bit of blood and water draining from him and of how he multiplied it, like the bread when feeding the 5000, only this was multiplied through all generations to all generations, his body & blood in the Eucharist and his water in Baptism.

What's funny or ironic is that it's precisely this quality of God - his love without limits - that both terrifies me and consoles me. Terrifies me because he expects the same from us - our everything, as the homilist reminded us today. And yet it is consoling because it precisely this qualty that gives me hope of my salvation. It is only the knowledge that God is willing to do practically anything and go to extremes as vivid as becoming man and allowing twelve-inch nails piercing his skin, bone and tendons that offers consolation.

The other thing that occurs to me is this: how can God show Himself to be trustworthy to us without rescuing us from bad situations? Doesn't this mean that, de facto, one need be put in bad situations? And doesn't one have to doubt God and then have him come through in order for you to learn that doubt is inaccurate? Isn't that what the apostles went through time and again, when they doubted God as Thomas did after the Resurrection? If you're never surprised by God's mercy and love then doesn't that mean you never feel need of that mercy and love, which means you never feel estranged from him?

St. Francis de Sales said, "At times we are almost lucky to have committed a sin, almost lucky because then we are humble, then we understand what wretched creatures we are, then we no longer dare to look down on others because we are sinners."

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Here's a bit about the last drops of Christ's blood, from a hymn and its translation by JM Neale:

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