October 25, 2009

America the Beautiful

I'm always semi-amused by the hypocrisy of the anti-hypocrisy crowd.

For years when Bush was president, he wore a target and the elite media shrugged.

But with Obama's ascension there are editorials denouncing the haters or preaching peace, understanding and love, i.e. can't we all get along?

The latest example comes to us via Ellen Creager of the Detroit Free Press who, in fairness, I cannot say if she asked us to count our blessings during the Bush administration. I sense not, based on the unintentionally hilarious adjective "lately":
"Lately, it seems like TV talking heads who seethe with hate and sarcasm have boiled our nation to whatever petty dispute is brewing in Washington. How dare they? Washington is not the soul of the United States. Not even close."
Lately? Did she know of the existence of MSNBC during the Bush years? The Left can tolerate any sin but hypocrisy, except their own hypocrisy. They hold the family values crowd to family values - should we hold the anti-hypocrisy crowd to anti-hypocrisy? Should Michael Moore walk the walk? Or am I hypocrite for suggesting the the hypocrites hie to values that they ascribe to when I don't always measure up to my values? It maketh the head hurt.

But her last two sentences are right on and what I liked most about her column was these lines from the writer Paul Theroux who, as Creager accurately points out, is not known for sentiment:
"In the 3,380 miles I'd driven [across America], in all that wonder, there wasn't a moment when I felt I didn't belong, not a day when I didn't rejoice in the knowledge that I was part of this beauty, not a moment of alienation or danger...in the most beautiful country I'd ever seen."
Indeed, and as I recently pondered the beauty of a few square miles in Utah, I too saw a reflection of the great beauty of America, as well as her Creator's.

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