October 27, 2009

Spanning the Globe to Bring You the Constant Variety of Posts

Every day I wake up and ask the Lord that I be contributory, not comparative. - Robert Spitzer S.J. paraphrase

This trembling mystery: love cannot exist without pain. Love brings the pain; it lets pain in. The key to all that makes us vulnerable. And alive. And hurt. And alive. Pain can exist without love, but not the reverse. All creation is loved into being. Did that make the Creator vulnerable, too?... Once the great pope, John Paul II was found, embracing the Tabernacle in his arms, and crooning a Polish song as a parent would use to comfort a child. When asked about it, he replied, “I don’t know how else to comfort Him…” - The Anchoress

Liberals are critical of [authority], although they’ll use it when they’re in power. Conservatives would tend to be less critical, but equally dependent upon it. Consequently, when you get into the church, you get the conservatives unhappy because bishops aren’t using power the way they’re supposed to, the way they want them to. You get liberals who are unhappy because [the bishops] have any power at all. Both of them are defining themselves vis-à-vis the bishops rather than vis-à-vis Christ, who uses the bishops to govern the church. It’s not a Christ-centered church, as it’s supposed to be, it’s a bishop-centered church. - Francis Cardinal George via Roz of Exultet

Listless Mass responses can be funny, tired people mumbling "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad" (like Ben Stein's Clear Eyes commercial, wow). - Dylan of "dark speech upon the harp"

We have now hit 3 deers with 3 different cars in less than 5 years. I should call our fleet of cars deer magnets. - Jim of Bethune Catholic

I have a mustard seed, and I'm not afraid to use it. - Roz of Exultet, paraphrasing Pope Benedict

I believe that spouses can be faithful to one another for a lifetime, but it takes work, and vigilance, and it’s scary how thin the line can be between a seemingly innocuous interaction and an outward turning change of heart. And even so-called minor breaches of trust are contagious. For every husband who looks at pornography, there is a wife googling her ex-boyfriend. - Betty Duffy

How does one read a novel: skipping ahead to the resolution? No, but by savoring the words and the discoveries as they unfold. By risking one's own humanity in the narrative and identifying with the human problems of the protagonists...This is not a book of analytical theology or a classic of Western spirituality like The Cloud of Unknowing. It is not a book that lays out a AAA TripTik for the perfect life. It presents no schema of rungs on Jacob's ladder or rooms in a castle or petals on the Mystical Rose. Instead, it's like a mystery novel that begins with a certain corpus delecti. - excerpt of "Is It Possible to Live Like This: An Unusual Approach to Christian Experience" by L. Giussani via Fred of "Deep Furrows"

"Everything happens for a reason." Well, no, says one of my students. She wrote a story about losing her father last year...there was no good reason why her father should have died. Death separated him from those who loved him and depended upon him. Plus, he was a nice guy...Which led me to wonder: if he died for no reason, was he also born for no reason? Or are those different questions? - Bill of Apologia


Tom said...

If love cannot exist without pain, then we're all screwed.


Including God.

TS said...

Hmm...good point Tom.

Anonymous said...

Just a note on the Roz quote. It is a paraphrase of Benedict XVI, and the originator was the inimitable "Spengler" of the Asia Times (David Goldman, now working at First Things).

Looks like that seed is sprouting...

Jim McCullough
Greensboro, NC

Roz said...

Thanks, Jim. I'll try to figure out a way to credit it on Exultet's sidebar.