December 09, 2009

My Half-Assed Opinion

...take it for what it's worth. I'm no economist but it seems as though Obama is doing to the recession what the FDR did to the depression - lengthening it. Obama wants another spendulous package and I'm thinking there is a pattern here: delay bad stuff until his second term. (This is where I open myself to you saying, "ya think?")

For example - the troop surge in Afghanistan. He seems to be sending more troops because McCrystal painted him in a box, making the president either eat his campaign promise to take the war seriously or breaking it, the latter which might hurt him in '10 & '12 elections. The surge buys him time.

Similarly this spendulous crapola seems designed to try to create a few "make work" guvmint jobs in order to save his butt in '10 & '12...of course as soon as the make work jobs end, unemployment will go up. It all seems like gimickry to me, smoke & mirrors. Reagan went thru a job recession in '82 and we got it over with quickly - the pain that is. Now we're hoovering at 10% unemployment indefinitely instead of spiking to 12% for a shorter period of time. I'd rather have 12% unemployment for a year than 10% for 3-10 yrs, which will happen as soon as any "make work" jobs disappear.

It also reminds me of the lame cash for clunkers program which merely re-arranged the sales of cars to a bit earlier than they otherwise would've happened. Lame.

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