December 28, 2009

Napolitano's Interview on This Week

I think we've got to be close to the tipping point as far as tolerance of a politician's decision to say nothing in an interview. I think we're getting close to where it will do more damage for someone to come on a show and attempt a lame CYA, as Janet Napolitano did on ABC's This Week, versus the alternative of not going on at all.

Most of us crave a little honesty from our public officials, whether it be in the form of a mea culpa or a more robust CYA. Tell us that it's cost prohibitive to wand everyone on the T.I.D.E. list. Tell us something we don't know. Consider it a teaching moment. We now at least know that there's a big list and a wittle bitty list. But other than that all Napolitano told us was that everything is under investigation, to be completed when the media loses interest.

On many of these shows it's mainly a vehicle for the host to opine via his questions. Tapper wanted to know why this terrorist wasn't subject to heightened security at the airports. Others, including at least one U.S. senator, wanted to know how why Abdulmutallab had a U.S. visa after his radicalization in London. I am sensitive to the fact that no set of security measures is perfect, but when your father rats on you and your name is Abdulmutallab, well it's amazing the guy didn't at least get wanded.

At least Napolitano could've done us the favor of looking perturbed. A sunny disposition when some old-fashioned squiriming was called for does not a good interview make.

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Anonymous said...

Good post. I dig your sense of humor. I'd rather have Napalitano come on and tell me that I'm stupid for not appreciating all the complexities involved than the pap she offered up.

Happy New Year.