December 23, 2009

Various & Sundry

I'm underwhelmed by the statement of Sen. Harkin saying that "with apologies to Santa, Christmas will be anti-climactic this year" due to the passing of health care legislation. Santa is not the reason for the season and no worries about anti-climax need occur.

* * *

I'm a sucker for these sorts of posts that spin waste products into gold. In the link above, Bob the Ape writes poetry using modern corporate buzzwords.

* * *

The little girl in front of me at liturgy was drawing pictures with one of those cool pens I used to have thirty years ago, the kind that has four or five different colors of ink which are controlled by depressing one of the levers of different colors. I thought about how oblivious she was to what was going on at the altar and thought how that is replicated in me so often - how I am oblivious to God's actions, to His omnipresence, to his presence in others. Then I looked back up at the altar. :-)

* * *

Heard Steven Ray and Al Kresta mention on air how they each have some 20 to 25 thousand books. Steven Riddle territory. That's surreal for me to conceptualize since my 2,000 fills a whole room & some of another.


Thomas D said...

Isn't Bob (the Ape) a genius? I marvel at his facility with rhymed pentameter, and with just about any other kind of meter.

TS said...

Yeah Bob is flat out amazing.

Thomas D said...

It really is worth the time to scroll down Bob's right sidebar to the "Ostentatio Scriptoris" -- his greatest hits.

There's Bishop Bo-Peep (about the Episcopal archcleric Katharine Jefferts Schori and her views on how many children one should have), the Drunken Ferret Villanelle (on almost the same topic), and the masterful Dick and Jane as if written by Edgar Allan Poe.