December 30, 2009

Where's Today's Duffingtonpost?

She has her priorities in order, of course: God, family, and blog far down the list but there's something about her infrequent missives that has the air of Updike's paeon to Ted Williams, "gods do not answer letters." Hungered for a BD post today, some fresh surprise in her typically deadpan audacious way, but none was forthcoming. Posts come in the form of long waves infrequently delivered and I'd have it no other way.
Her posts at spare angles
with toasts to her gender
as May apples, jonquils
too infrequent, this bender.

Days pass, she's forgiven,
her trespasses shriven,
if no posts are to come
I'll hie to my rum.

There's a thing charismatic
about blog-girls chromatic
of Kathy in 'ginny
or Betty in Indy.

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