January 20, 2010

Remembrances of Bloggers Past

Was reading Romans 3:4 and remembered fondly a beloved (but not departed; almost sounded eulogistic) former blogger quoting it against her persecutors who felt that her compliance to her husband's demands was overdone.

It is/was none of my business but tis a fascinating dilemma. His desire to limit her blog time is, perhaps, understandable. His desire to keep her from the sacraments is much less defensible.

I gave a friend the book Boundaries and he said reading it made him more confused than ever. It's a book that would seem to apply reasonably well to the blogger-in-question in the first paragraph. And now I hear there's a Boundaries for Marriage. Neither book has an imprimatur, so I think in this case, as in many others, the guide is the Holy Spirit. Given the individualness of our vocations, there's no substitute for the Spirit's guidance.

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William Luse said...

You know what I think and I can't say it here.