January 19, 2010

Spanning the Globe to Bring You the Constant Variety of Posts

"Nou atè nèt”: three words in Creole that roughly mean, we are on our knees, conclude an e-mail sent from Father Andre Siohan, a missionary of the French San Jacques Society, writing from Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince a few hours after the quake that hit the city. - Missionary News Service Agency

Since the day of his Resurrection, the Church exists only to make God's affection an experience, through people who are His. - Frederick tweet

Can you imagine a more cantankerous duo--a diptych in irrascibility and harsh (as an artform)? - Steven of "Momentary Taste" on Christopher Hitchens versus Gore Vidal

So here we have an atheist who, in arguing that there is no God, acts like God. And not just any god, but the God of Abraham. There are a lot of possible explanations for this. That the omnipresence of God extends even into human arguments against His existence is just one of them, but it may be the most satisfying. - Tom of Disputations

I don't expect Christmas Day to be magical and perfect. I'm happy to just get through it. Realizing that Christmas is a season and not just one day has also given me a sense of relief in that area - not too much expectation piled on to one day. - Elena of "My Domestic Church"

Privacy is not only essential to life and liberty; it’s essential to the pursuit of happiness, in the broadest and deepest sense of that phrase. It’s essential, as Schneier implies, to the development of individuality, of unique personality. We human beings are not just social creatures; we’re also private creatures. What we don’t share is as important as what we do share. The way that we choose to define the boundary between our public self and our private self will vary greatly from person to person, which is exactly why it’s so important to be ever vigilant in defending everyone’s ability and power to set that boundary as he or she sees fit. Today, online services and databases play increasingly important roles in our public and our private lives - and in the way we choose to distinguish between them. Many of those services and databases are under corporate control, operated for profit by companies like Google and Facebook. If those companies can’t be trusted to respect and defend the privacy rights of their users, they should be spurned. - Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog

I don't mind being ruled by elites. I just wish they were less ordinary. - Tom of Disputations tweet

I find that whenever I finish a book that purports to give me the "history" of anything, I find myself dubious. For example, on the issue of Pope Pius XII, I find it extremely difficult to believe any of the detractors or many of the supporters. I get the sense that the truth, slippery though it may be falls into the cracks between the two. Did Pius do as much as he possibly could to have turned aside the Holocaust--I somehow doubt it--but I don't know. Did he do nothing at all for any Jews ever--the voices of David Ben Gurion and Golda Meir (neither known for their tolerance of anti-Jewish sentiment) strongly suggest otherwise. But once I've finished a book, I am no better off. I know neither more nor less that I did before, merely other. The documents are cited and cut to show the jib of the argument, and thus, one needs to return to the primary sources, which in the case of the documents of someone like Thomas Jefferson, may well have been tampered with by Jefferson, his partisans, or his detractors. - Steven of "Momentary Taste"

It is not bigotry to be certain we are right; but it is bigotry to be unable to imagine how we might possibly have gone wrong. - G.K. Chesterton

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