February 06, 2010

The "A" in AP Doesn't Stand for Apolitical

I often see Associated Press political stories as drinking games, where you drink every time you spot liberal bias. It seems as though nearly every semi-straight news reporter secretly wants to be an opinion-shaper, hence you get these attempts to obliquely lecture the American people.

On today's Dispatch's front page, we read the unadorned statement: "The GOP has shown more interest in opposing Democrats on the [health care] issue than in working with them." True or not, that's the sort of unproven assertion that belongs on the editorial page, especially given the flip side was noticeably absent, i.e. that Pelosi and Reid have shown precious little interest in working with Republicans.

Even better was this, in the second paragraph of Erica Werner's story: "The president's newly conflicting signals could frustrate Democratic lawmakers who are hungry for guidance from the White House as they try to salvage the effort to extend coverage to millions of uninsured Americans and hold down spiraling medical costs."

Now that's just plain funny. Could any newspaper that supposedly leans right get away with saying the flip side: "...as they try to salvage the effort to spend the country into banana republic status and dramatically increase the demand for health care without increasing the supply?"

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