February 25, 2010

The Stubborn Brothers: Barack & Bush

Both have/had a pet issue that they were sure they were right about.

For Bush, the war in Iraq. For Obama, health care.

Both were/are determined to ram their issue through come what may, regardless of world or American opinion and regardless of its political consequences.

Both started/wants to start a huge undertaking with only a vaguest notion of whether it would/will work out.

A difference? Bush was willing to spend billions while Obama wants to spend trillions.


MaryH said...

I know, it's either insanity or it's Lent...

HokiePundit said...

I like how so many things the Left hated about Bush are present in Obama, only more so.

Bush was tongue-tied sometimes, but see Obama try to get through anything without his teleprompter.

Bush was an arrogant cowboy? How about Obama's "I won" statement and his snubbing of so many of our allies?

Bush had a thin resume, having merely been two-term governor of Texas? I can see how four years of being a state senator and U.S. senator would trump that...

The list goes on, but it's been my theory since the campaign.

TS said...

What drives me crazy is how Frank Rich writes a column disturbed about all the hate on the right against Obama when he Bush Hater Numero Uno back in the day. You can't make it up.