February 04, 2010

Checking the Blogs..

Came across Roz's well-written tribute to her late father-in-law, a very vivid and evocative portrait:
He was someone whose salient characteristics were so clearly defined that even a brief mention will bring vivid images to mind. A watch chain and Phi Beta Kappa key will always evoke thoughts of him, even though I never saw him in his suit-vest-and-chain workday wear and only have stories from my husband to go on. He was . . . cheese and cocktails before dinner, Scientific American and New York Times Magazine, a sensible car, precise syntax, the roast carver at the head of the table, summer on Cape Cod, gallantry, respect for tradition, and (in tribute to his wife) a Woman Voter.

And speaking of vivid, how about this fine photo of Jim Curley, looking every bit the part of bewhiskered gentleman farmer:

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