February 25, 2010

First, Do No Harm

A fine rebuke from today's Columbus Dispatch:
If and when the health-care system of the United States is overhauled, it should be by way of a carefully thoughtout plan driven by the need to provide effective care to the maximum number of people at a price that individuals and the nation can afford.

The health-care plans put forward so far by Congress and President Barack Obama have been anything but. They are creations whose primary motivations have been to secure a political victory for the president by buying off (or at least not entirely alienating) major constituencies in the Democratic Party’s coalition. The plans might expand coverage to many more people, but they would do so in a way that will more quickly bankrupt the nation and drive up the cost of health care for virtually everyone. Or, to avert that, result in rationing of care.

The bungled handling of the matter is a testament to the administrative and political inexperience of the president. Having campaigned on a promise to overhaul health care in a bipartisan and transparent way, he left it to the U.S. House and Senate to craft separate and incompatible plans, then swooped in at the last minute, summoned a select cabal behind closed doors and still failed to produce a plan that could win the votes needed to pass it...

By unveiling on Monday a “new” health-care proposal little different from the congressional plans, the president displayed a remarkable ability to ignore clear and overwhelming public opposition to this approach. Ten major polls taken in the past month show that an average of only 38.2 percent of respondents support the plans, while an average of 52.5 percent oppose them.
Today there's a big healthcare summit in Washington -- never before has so much brainpower been assembled since Pauly Shore dined alone. Republicans and Democrats gathered together for an extensive photo op to prove to the American people that Republicans and Democrats could gather together and disagree.

I certainly see why Obama's trying to push it through pell-mell. History has taught us that huge monstrous pork entitlement programs never go away and the founder gets credit. FDR initiated Social Security and is widely praised for it despite the fact it's a ponzi scheme little different than Bernie Madoff's. LBJ started Medicare and even though it's bankrupting us, no one blames LBJ. So he likely figures once this gets into law it'll work out because, really, no one cares about that Bermuda Triangle of government "waste, fraud and abuse". Medicare is overripe with all three but there's no outcry because once you get the public hooked on a system that relies on future generations, it's very hard to wean off.


dylan said...

LOL, or more exactly, ROFLCOPTER, at the Pauly Shore reference!

TS said...

I feel bad if Pauly Shore reads this through the miracle of googling your name. I'm sure he's a bright guy.