February 02, 2010

I B Hyp-mo-tized

Today am mesmerized by Facebook, specifically after coming across my old high school class on it. Feel a tsunami of emotions. Like the fact one girl is now openly gay. Or the shocking pictures of a recent reunion and how different we look, which obviously includes me now. (It seems like pictures of the 20th reunion there is some correspondence between high school and most recent looks, while now there's much, much less. It seems the difference between ages 37 and 46 is huge, likely due to a slowing metabolism and male pattern baldness.) There are some holy folks, like Joan who is a critical care nurse who lives with the mystery of life at its terminus and who posts daily bible verses. Steve looks so cowboy you can't believe it. Moved to Oklahoma and brags about never reading a book. Looks like an extra on a Western. Then there's the almost mythical prom queen Diane, whose voluptuously unattainable good looks have now carried over to her FB page, where only friends are allowed to peruse her offerings.

I'm impressed by their lack of privacy concerns. (I guess I'm the only one out there with a FB account under a psuedonym.) It feels so natural and unnatural; natural because we're all the same age and went to the same high school and sometimes share the same values. Unnatural because I didn't know most of them that well and don't really feel entitled to more info. I see the pictures of the reunion and think, mostly, relief I wasn't there. The discomfort would be almost sublime.


BettyDuffy said...

One of my grade school gal-pals is now a guy pal. A sight to behold.

TS said...

Now that's an attention-getter!