February 23, 2010

Is "Where's the Flood?" Still Operative?

During the '70s and '80s the fashion police would pull you over and issue the citation "where's the flood?" if you wore pants that were a bit too short.

I wondered if that was still what the kids say these days and - through the miracle of Google - found this and this.

On the hair front I've noticed, surely belatedly, that the style now for guys is to swoop it upwards a bit, defying gravity via hair gel, into a sort of mohawkian outline. It can be done subtly, such as was done by the guy in his 30s who gave a talk on the use of social media in commercial enterprises. There was a sense that it was part of his job description to be hip, and if "the medium is the message" then that warrants his 'do. My own preference is not to add anything unnatural like gel to my hair; it took awhile for me to sign on to using conditioner.

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BettyDuffy said...

Nothing worse than a guy with a hairdo.