March 11, 2010

I Be Hyp-mo-tized... the simple and somewhat familiar explanation of God, the Devil, Christ and the Eucharist. It's so elegant and beautiful that it bears repetition.

The following was presented by a friend who got it from the sister who began the Children of Mary. (What I especially like about that community is the way it was founded - Mother Margaret Mary was a hermit for 12 years, laying the contemplative foundation, when the bishop approached her and asked her to form a community. Obediently she complied.)

And so the familiar story goes: the devil and his angels rebelled, according to some patristic sources, because they refused to serve those beneath them, namely human beings. And so the devil and his minions sought to gain us by using power and force, while God comes the opposite way, through gentleness and weakness.

God gives us the same choice He gave the angels, asking that we worship and serve that which seems below us, a piece of bread. And like Jesus in the flesh, that Bread is ignored, treated disrespectfully, thoughtlessly, and sometimes even blasphemously. Let us not make the mistake some of the angels made.

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