March 26, 2010

Premature Reunion-ation

Our high school class is having its 30th reunion on the anniversary of our 29th year out of high school because, quote, "you know our class was not known to follow the rules."

I fall right into that spirit of rebellion since it's part of my own rebellion to rebel against rebellion. I like the idea of reunions on the scheduled year and I like Ascension Thursday on a Thursday.

I think I know the mindset that went into this decision. Some of my classmates have recently bonded at informal get-togethers and they're hungry for the full monty, so to speak. Why wait? What's in a number? But doesn't that sentiment cheapen round numbers, when reached?

That is certainly the spirit of the age. Why call Lent a "season of grace" when God can come to us in any season? Why call the sacraments the conduit of grace when grace can come to us anytime?

But I'm haunted by the fact that God loves humility, including the humility of seeking Him in His time and way rather than my own.


Roz said...

I respect and appreciate your position. I also think "Ascension Thursday Sunday" is a bad idea. But I'm big on spontaneity in relationships. In the interest of "truth in advertising", why don't they call it a "29th Anniversary Reunion - and it's the Big One"?

TS said...

You're right Roz since the Holy Spirit seems spontaneous. It's more my personality which tends towards lack thereof.