March 05, 2010

This & That

I see Bill O'Reilly in his talking points memo made mention of the similarities between Bush and Obama as well. He compared the surge in Iraq as the huge gamble of Bush's presidency to Obama's in health care. I think Iraq in general was the big gamble; the success of the surge certainly didn't help Bush's popularity in any discernible way.

The sheer doggedness of the president and Democrat congress on the issue of health care is remarkable. I've learned to become skeptical of reports of the demise of the the health care bill - we're a long way from the days when there was so much arm-twisting for the Senate to even take up the bill. Three Senators were supposedly going to cut off debate.

I tend to give Democrats absolutely no credit for any stalwartness when it comes to curtailing abortion, so it's been edifying and educational to see Rep. Stupak and his twelve apostles be so strong on the issue of federal funding. Whether they can withstand the tremendous pressure that will be brought to bear on them remains to be seen but so far it's been refreshing to see principles having some connection to the public square. The years of abuse of pro-life Democrats by the party appears to have sown the seeds for the current crisis.

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