March 29, 2010

Thoughts on the Crisis du Jour

Faith, ultimately, simply cannot rest on the actions of the Church. It never could, not in the days of Corinth in the first century AD when Paul was chewing them out for their great sins. Not during the Sack of Constantinople. Not during the Middle Ages when Popes were great sinners. Not during these times. That the Church is composed of sinners is as old as Judas's and Peter's betrayals. Faith cannot rest on the foundation of looking at the sins of the Body of Christ. If it does, then it's clearly not faith, because faith is something that is not verifiable by evidence.

And for Catholics all of this ought to be easier to take, because we believe in Hell & Purgatory. For child-abusers there is a reckoning - God is the judge. "Let vengeance be mine," says the Lord. Do we believe that? For those of us who thirst for others to pay for their mistakes we can look to the Scripture and recall Christ's words about how "every penny will be paid," as far as the debt goes. Personally, more sinning then sinned against, I shudder at that Scripture. But for those tempted to leave the Church because of scandal then they should take heart in it.

What bothers me about the media is the selective outrage.  There are a million children in the womb dying each year. Why is that not an issue? Perhaps because we all have been children, remember being children, and know the vulnerability and credulousness that comes with that.  But even though we've been babies in the womb we can't remember it so there is no empathy.  Trusting your own life experiences to judge the morality of something is an unreliable moral guide.  If anyone survived being aborted and remembered it and told his story to the Oprah, don't you think abortion would be outlawed? It's because no one can relate to having experienced being in the womb that people sanction it.

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Bill White said...

For some reason, the part that gets my goat is that this media campaign is organized like clockwork every year during Lent and is designed to reach a crescendo during Holy Week. Come to think of it, their playbook hasn't changed in 2000 years.

Our local newspaper is participating in the yearly saturnalia by printing AP propaganda. It's a war out there.