March 03, 2010


Heard a Fr.Calloway, author of No Turning Back: Witness to Mercy, on Al Kresta's show. He told of his remarkable story of being as pagan as you can get and ended up converting. A fine reminder of the gift we've been given, and his excitement was contagious. He said the honeymoon period lasted 2 or 3 years during which all was sweetness and light and then it was like God took the lollipop out of his mouth and said, "Do you love me or the lollipop?" And the priest said if he said the lollipop that would make him a sucker.

It struck me as I sat down to pray: "What if He needs my love?" It struck me with a kind of force since so often I think of God as sufficient unto Himself and completely powerful and not in need. But He does thirst for our love, according to Mother Teresa and many other saints. What does it mean that he thirsts except that he needs something (that is, chooses to need something) from lowly us?

Am using the Olive Tree Bible Reader where there is a nice application that allows you to see both the Bible and the Matthew Henry commentary on the same screen. Of Is 55: "In Christ there is enough for all, and enough for each....Come to Christ, for he is the Fountain opened, he is the Rock smitten....Christ outdoes our expectations. We come to him, and we find wine and milk. The gifts offered to us are such as no price can be set upon. The things offered are already paid for; for Christ purchased them at the full price of his own blood. Our wants are beyond number, and we have nothing to supply them."

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