March 15, 2010

Various & Sundry

Listening to the monastic choir of the Abbey of St. Benedict, a free CD received in the mail. Not my usual fare, but fatigue makes me receptive to the gentleness though I don't know the Latin words. It reminds me of what our stern, no-nonsense grade school German nun used to tell us - that she could get something out of any hymn. For me, there were good hymns and bad hymns which depended mostly on melody. Depth wasn't my forte, but now I see the wisdom of her claim since it's the words that draw me close to God.


It was long a dream to build a tiny sitting place off the second floor bathroom, if only because it's the sort of license the eccentrics and would-be poets would allow themselves. Part of it is my craving for sunlight and thinking how cool it would be to start spring and summer mornings out on the 2nd story "verandah". The cost would surely be exorbitant, but as I said it's always been a dream to underbuy on house (which we have) and then make spectacularly imprudent improvements. I always wanted to own a house, for example, with a stairway that leads to nowhere or a secret library behind a wall. Call it a silent protest against utilitarianism.

But I never made of the changes because it would cost too much, a mindset that's surely legacy of the English occupation of Ireland. Twas the British influence that "tamed" Ireland and accustomed her to show deference to the pound and sterling. This legacy of being "good with money" was passed from my grandmother to all her children with remarkable efficiency, such that most could be featured as models for frugality in Money magazine.

So though it's true I couldn't well bring off the feat of having a second story deck I found a way around it - bring the outdoors in. Port the God-given natural light indoors via Solatube at a much more reasonable price. I long to luxuriate under the golden beams of the solarium/book room.

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