April 27, 2010

"I Was in Prayer in the City of Pittsburgh"

In the first reading from Acts the other day, I was struck by the line in Acts about how Peter said, "I was in prayer in the city of Joppa" and I suddenly wondered where Joppa is and wanted to connect it to being a "real" city in the same way Pittsburgh is a real city. Too often the obscure towns and cities of ancient Israel make it like reading "Lord of the Rings" with its Middle Earth geography. So I mentally substituted "Pittsburgh" for "Joppa" in the reading. I doubt St. Peter would mind.


Roz said...

Pittsburgh works, but ancient Joppa is here.

Oh, you didn't really want to know? Gosh, sorry.

TS said...

Thanks Roz, I need to know these things for my trip to Israel. (Don't know when, but some day - God willing.)