May 14, 2010


...from Fr. Cantalamessa's Sober Intoxication of the Spirit:
Let us invoke special assistance from the Holy Spirit, because Jesus said that repentance cannot happen without His action... Only He can touch us in the neurological place that He alone knows and convince us of the seriousness of sin.

To repent means to change our way of thinking and judging. It is not a question, however, of abandoning our old way of thinking, the mentality of our age, to form a better one, perhaps more conformed to the gospel. That would be substituting our judgment for another judgment of ours. The miracle of repentance, then, would not occur.

The real metanoia, that is, change, occurs when we abandon our way of thinking and receive God's way of thinking, when we put aside our judgment and take on God's judgment. To repent means to take a running leap into the abyss of God's judgment! His judgments, says one of the psalms, "are like the great deep" (Ps 36:6).

When this happens, a person begins to see his or her life and sins from within God's heart, and then things change. Seen in the light of the immense love of the Father, sin appears for what it truly is: a betrayal of His immense love, 'crucifying again the Son of God and...holding him up to contempt" (see Hebrews 6:6).

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