May 27, 2010

Surging Blood & Oil: When Patience Becomes Folly

I've been hyp-mo-tized by the lack of environmental concern Obama seems to be showing with the BP spill. The lack of a sense of urgency reminds me of George Bush's surreal patience in Iraq in '05 and '06.

As with the surge in Iraq, this "top kill" procedure to try to stop the flow of oil prompts me to ask myself: "If this was an option, why the hell hadn't he tried it before now?" And it's not as though Obama doesn't have the power - the spill occurred in federal waters.

It's fascinating how politics is getting turned on its head. Historically, the Republican party hates nation-building, and yet a Republican president decided he could do it in Iraq. The Democrat party historically has shown more interest protecting the environment, and yet a Democrat president has been lax.

I tend to think that a Republican president - at least one other than George Bush who tended to be almost immune to media pressure - would've handled the spill better, if only in terms of pressuring BP, simply because the liberal media would've applied greater heat sooner to a Republican. You can tell that some sort of tipping point has been reached for Obama since just in the last couple days he seems to be getting the message.


Steven Riddle said...

Dear TSO,

Thank you. I hadn't considered this matter in that light--and it is, indeed, an interesting light.



TS said...

Thanks Steven. I hope your Floridian beaches are spared.